Monday, December 27, 2010


It's odd to admit to yourself that you are, matter of factly; HAPPY.
Because I am.
Sure I still complain about the same ole' things.. wish that Encem would call or text me more.. hope that I'll get to spend more days off overseas.. But I am finding myself happier these days.

..despite having a heated discussion with Alif on what "relationship" really means the other day. hahaha! (It was a good "discussion" by the way..)

I have lesser things to complain about, to put it more plainly.
I thank God for the good days that I've been blessed with for the past week.
Pay day came early (and it was goood... All the long days last month was absolutely worth it!), I had a good set of crew on my flight to Jakarta and Perth.. I managed to get myself Jakarta's Hard Rock Cafe guitar-pin.. I had a good time in Perth; shopping (bahhahaha!).
My entire body aches, honestly.. I'm in the busy-phase of my roster. But the aches couldn't dampen my spirit -- especially after a lady-passenger told me that her elderly mother thinks I'm pretty yesterday. HAHAHHAHAHA. I mean, seriously.. if it's something a man said to me, I would doubt his sincerity/intention. But since it came from an old woman, I MUST really be pretty! ..right?

It's been six days since I last saw Encem though, so I am missing him like crazy.
Funny how a song actually reminded me that I am HAPPY.
I still need to work on my communications skill though. I have a feeling that that bit plays a big part on my newfound happiness.

I suppose once you're committed to a relationship, you should accept the other person for what ever they are. But you wouldn't really know if they truly accept you unless you show yourself to them..
Okay, that's a bit random but I think I'm referring to that discussion with Alif on Saturday. Just maybe.

Anyway, I need to get some sleep.
Btw, thank you God for giving me the chance to appreciate life. Also, thank You for Your perfect timing of giving me trouble when there is someone who could lend me a hand. Thank You for sending someone as patient as Encem my way.. Thank You for my good health, so far (hehe).. And thank You for my fate of having this job that I can now listen to songs from my spanking new iPod shuffle while wearing LaSenza undergarments.

I am happy. Alhamdulillah..
Please keep me this way.


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