Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Biding time.

PMS sucks!

Okay, I thank God that I've been lucky for not getting those cramps that other girls get at that time of the month.

But my emotions go haywire. It sucks. Big time.
For instance, I cried listening to James Morrison's Right By Your Side last night. Pffft! And it wouldn't stop for a good hour.
So yeah.. SUCKS!!

I'll be on standby starting tomorrow for four days. I never liked being on standby. I hate it when I get woken up by a call from a person who tells me that I have to work!! Pffft!

And I'll turn 27 in less than a week.. Ughhh! I really feel old. Especially when the people around me are evolving into someone's wife, husband, mother, father.. Bahh!
It feels so wrong when truthfully I feel happier when I don't think about marriage in the first place!
What the heck is WRONG with me?!

And I'm pissed a lot because I'm not really saying what I really mean to say.. "Secret secrets are no fun, secret secrets hurt someone.."
Yeaah, that's just me most of the time. I wasn't designed to keep my feelings and thoughts to myself and yet here I am... Beating around the bushes.
This isn't me.
I am hating this person that I've become.

Anyway, now I'm obsessed with Tiga Suara's Beribu Sesalan.. Berangan nak karok ngan Dida and Kina. Berangan lah boleh nyanyi that high pitch. Hah!

I need to get away from myself.


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