Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sorry I've been... M. I. A.

Suppose things have changed. Suppose you could say that my entries recently have been incredibly superficial borderling on bimbo-status.
Suppose some people talk out their problems and worries..
Suppose you would know by now that I am not among those people.

I bottle things up until KABOOM! I go. Not at all a healthy way of living but I don't wear my heart on my sleeves.. Poor Encem just having to deal with it. However, I am oddly amused of how eloquent I am during those nuclear times!

MH370 is still nowhere to be found, and every single time I go for flight I am reminded of it as I took my #selfieuntukDida on Instagram. I wouldn't normally indulge myself in "selfie" but it was a request by my dear sister, so I obeyed.
Being gone is not half as bad as being the one left behind, I am sure. So as morbid as it may sound, I took those selfies so my loved ones would know how I look like on my last day on Earth.

Sad, yes. But I found out about the missing flight from the frantic phonecalls from my mum and Dida, and what are family for if not to worry for/with you.
It could happen to any of us.. Gone without a trace, and your loved ones may wonder all sort of things, so if anything bad shall happen to me in the future, I shall not deny my sister's request for a measly vain moment in the form of a selfie before I head to work.

Honestly I don't know where I've gone to. Seems as though I've lost all my will to write. I am finding myself annoyed by my beauty-blogs because that is ALL I ever write about these days!
Feels as though I have no original thoughts what so ever. Feels like "Wanie" has gone away to hide in a dark corner where no one would have to acknowledge her existence. Has anyone else ever felt like that?

I'm pretty sure I'm unhappy with life right now. With the job feeling like a job! I used to feel so proud to say that going to work felt like going to the playground. But friends are leaving to greener pasteur or just run away from all the crap we've been getting from the company. Work feels like crap these days. And the saddest part, work is all I ever do!
Even my off days are spent at home doing nothing but rest because work has been all too consuming. Also, I've been sick for the past week which was just swell!

And my phone line has been barred for almost a month now because Celcom decided to be a bitch and charged me way more than they're supposed to and is taking way too long to get the case settled. I might change my carrier after 11 years with Celcom, ladies and gentlemen! "Loyalty" goes out the window when all you've been getting back is shit.

Anyway, sorry for not having a cheerful entry after so long of being silent. Let's hope that I'll have something happy to share about sometime soon.


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