Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Mini watermelon baby.

Baby is staying put it seems. heehee.
Perhaps Nugget already understood the importance of keeping time, having flight attendants as parents.. bahahahha!
I'm getting a little anxious since Nugget's due date is just a week away. eeep!
I've been asked if I am ready..
Am I ready?

I'll be ready,
that's what I've been saying.
I've wrapped my head around the idea of PAIN. Absolutely no idea of how much pain, but I know there will be pain involved -- and honestly, talking or reading about them hasn't been helping much.
Every pregnancy is different. Every labour is different. You can read up on thousands of stories and yours may not be the same as any of them.
So, I'll be ready.
Whenever the baby is ready.. I'll be ready. Hopefully. hahahha!

Check-up in Hospital Umra since Week 37 had involved fifteen minutes session of cardiotocography (CTG). Basically the technician attached two circular thingamajig on my abdomen where one detects the baby's heartbeat while the other monitors my contraction -- which there had been none. hahahha!

The doctor had suggested that I take more walks and do some half squats since Nugget hasn't engaged into position. Not that it's crucial, some babies engages into the pelvis just before labour. So I'm not particularly worried.
But she did mention about the possibility of having my labour induced if Nugget refuses to come out even a couple of days post due date. sigh. I hope we wouldn't come to that.

I am really hoping for a delivery that is as natural as possible.
Honestly, some days I feel so zen about this whole thing.
Everything has been written, after all. Physically, there isn't much that I can do, right?

Really looking forward to meeting Nugget!
We are actually counting days, now.
..but my hospital bag is not even ready yet! HAHAHHA!


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