Monday, December 04, 2017


I reckon if you’d seen my Instagram, you would’ve come across that hashtag.
Tagged on photos with long ass caption that defeats the saying that "a picture speaks a thousand words." I speak a thousand words -- the photo, a bonus! hahhaha

I really do miss blogging.
But trying to write while you have a clingy little baby is not easy.
I haven’t even updated Nugget’s journal since the night we checked into the hospital. And I’d only written a title for it, not even an intro!
I even thought of starting bullet journalling; hoping I'll get to still write even when I can't make the time to write full sentences. But that's as far as I got -- just think about it.
I said this to Monkey the other day and he responded by saying that I would have the time to write once I’m back to work.

How sad when you think about it.
More time means being away from baby.
It doesn’t sound right, does it?

Anyway, when AM I going back to work though?
I was only 900g overweight (according to my BMI) at my weigh-in after my two months maternity leave.
So my leave was extended for another month. Came back for another weigh-in in November and I was overweight by almost 3kg!!
So now I’ll have to make an effort to lose all that weight sometime this month since I had intended to go back to work by January.

Okay, my 20 minutes are up!
Nugget isn’t too happy being left all to herself on her little playmat.
I know I said I was going to continue where I’d left off from the previous entry, but that blog will have to wait until I’m ready to sacrifice what little sleep that I’ve been getting these days.


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