Friday, September 26, 2003


heehee~ Just did this quizes.. The topic was pretty neat, but the site is horrible!! So I'm not going to promote it here 'coz it was disgusting! bluerrghh~!!
Anyways, the first quiz was Do You Need A Boyfriend? And here's what I got:
You need a boyfriend like you need a hole in the head.
There’s been drama.
There have been words.
Breakable items have been thrown.
In short, men are trouble and you want no part of them for any reason.
Conventional wisdom says they’re from Mars...
And that actually is not quite far enough away as far as you’re concerned.
Send them all to Pluto!
And the chances of your changing your mind are slim to none.
But that’s okay. We need to hate certain things in life...
So we’ll appreciate the things we love all the more.

hehhe!! But I also did Is There A Boyfriend In Your Future? And what I got is this:
There is 50-50 CHANCE of a boyfriend in your future.
You’re interested, most of the time, but also rather unsure of how to
proceed. It’s like your mom or older sister never took you by the hand,
led you into the garden and had the heart-to-heart instructional talk
that other girls seem to have had.
You know the one, with all the juicy stuff about how to handle men.
But don’t feel like you’re missing out; you’re not! You’re learning
the ropes and eventually you’ll reach the point where you’re beating
men off with a stick.

hahha! Kinda funny when I think about it..
Anyways, currently listening to With Rescue Breathing - You're An Hour Late. Never heard of it? Well, some guy 'promoted' this band to me through Friendster! heehee~ Ain't that nice? This is the second time people from Friendster told me listen to not-known-before bands. And the first one was Nemo! And they're pretty neat!! @nemorocks! hehhe~ I don't mind promoting to this one! :D



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