Friday, September 26, 2003

Time fades it all away..

It amazes me how time can really make you forget.. The things that used to mean to you.. Things that you believed you will never forget.. As for me, somehow.. the one thing that used to mean dearly to me has fade away slowly.. It became much more meaningless by day. Kinda sad really, when I really put my thought at it. But somehow I don't think it'll ever be the same again. Honestly, my head kinda get to overpower my heart these days, so that explains it. It's not really hard as I thought.. to focus on what I should've. AHAHHAHA!! What am I babbling here???
O well, gonna let myself dream off the thing I've been longing of for quite a while.. and just that! Dreaming is not so bad, really... Kan Wanie kan..?
Anyways!! Went out with BJ, Asha and ABANG Dzayed! Saw LXG - League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I have to say.. Really like that shot when Dr Jeckyl/Mr Hyde transformed. And what a handsome man, that Dorian Gray! ahahhaha!! Interesting indeed~~ Anyways, thanks ABANG Dzayed~! Blanje orang makan tadik.. :D ngee~
Humm.. Feeling a bit sleepy and grumpy right now.. bluerrghhh!

It's important to know what's your capabilities and when some things are out of reach, you should just let it be..


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