Monday, November 08, 2004

I wish I could hold a billboard above my head..

..for every single time i see you :)

so have you ever done something wrong.. VERY wrong.. but it's sinfully good that you just can't help yourself from doing it again.. and possibly again?

life is weird,
life is scary.
and yet it's wonderful as well!

so how is it possible that you can love and hate at the same time?
i find the answer easy.. though i couldn't say the same for compromising with it.

here's a simple explanation;
all things on earth were created as a couple.

there's always a mate to each other.
a positive and negative in everything.
adam-eve, anod-katod, yin-yang, mars-venus, happy-sad and sure..
love and hate.

how can you love when you don't understand hate?
only in hate, can you understand what you love.
only in love and hate, can you feel the ultimatum of emotions.

(hehhe.. cakap cam pandai!)

but honestly! i believe in that.
i believe that to love.. you must hate.
and only then you'd understand.. possibly everything.

the end of merepek! :P
(well sure i have lots more to say.. but it's best for you to just 'understand' them)

i find everything pretty amusing lately..
i look back to my life and think about now, to realize how things have really changed. i've done some things i've never thought of doing before and i've found new things i wanted to do now..
my thoughts have really changed in due time.. (though i can't confirm that it's growing MATURE) but i've always felt the same.
always. always. always...

but anyways! i am thinking of writing something else 'serious' during the coming school break, along with a new layout (that ONLY looks good when i think of it) so if you're looking forward to things like that, keep your fingers crossed!!
i know i am! ekkeke!

so in conjuction of the festivities..
happy deepavali
to those who celebrates them, and

to all my friends, buddies, pals and fellow readers! hope you have a good one and enjoy every moment of it!

and yeah.. HAVE FUN IN THE SCHOOL BREAK! and to mmu peeps.. GOOD LUCK for the exam!!! ahhahahah!


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