Sunday, July 12, 2009

I need to write again.

As in with pen and paper.
I really miss writing in my Moleskine, but I never seem to have the time. Or even if I do, I tend to get sleepy 5 minutes after I start.

Anyway, not that I have a lot of things to say lately. But I find that I need to have a run through of my own mind without having it cooped up in my head. Feels like I'm getting tangled in them the more I leave it unwritten.

You know how it feels like.. to have a stable best friend for such a long time and suddenly losing it? So now you're left with no one to talk to about your stupid, silly problems.
I am feeling a bit like that right now.
I have friends who knows exactly what I am getting myself into at the moment, but nothing they will ever say could help me clear up my thoughts. But of course, I can't really tell them every detail of what I think and feel 'cause I'm also afraid of what they will say to me.

So yeah, don't ask me what's going on 'cause you know I won't tell. hehe.
I'm not in any big trouble or anything, I can assure you. I am just.. severely confused. But then again.. when have I never? heehee!

It's 5pm and I haven't written a single note for tomorrow's flight as I'd wanted to! ughh! This is ridiculous. I need to take my words seriously next time.


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