Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yeah, I'm neurotic.

I don't necessarily say the nicest things.. especially when I'm mad.
But am I sorry for them? Not really.
I am most honest when I'm angry so, there is no way sugarcoating it.
So I'm crazy.
Apparently we're all crazy, according to Coelho. (Recent read: Veronika Decides To Die.) Crazy is good anyway. At least I know I'm not pretending or living a lie. And I refuse to act as if nothing happened because I care too much.
But I guess I'm still a little angry to talk or write about it.
So I'm bitter.. and being a little cold along the way.

I'm absolutely tired, to be honest.
Between my work and the emotional distress. ughhh!
My plane touched down at 1950 and I got home at 2120. Then what did I do? I ran around my room looking for things to pack in my bag and took a quick shower because Dida was coming to pick me up so we could go to Nina's place in Seremban; which is where I am now.

I should stop running one of these days.
I can't be running away whenever something upsets me. But I can't help myself. Talking.. explaining myself would usually make me cry and I've grown weary of crying all the time. So I opted out to not talk at all.
Hello. I am the Princess of Darkness. My hobbies are reading, writing, and walking into the dark clouds where there is nothing but the cold, merciless rain.

You know what, I'm not going to write about this anymore.
I refuse to write when I am this upset. I thought that I was fine.. but I was never fine to begin with. So..
'Til I'm happy again then.


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