Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wandering heart.

Memang happy.
Happy tak bertempat kot?

I had the most fun in KK this past two days. Usually it's so boring even when there's a bunch of crew nightstopping there. I flew with Arep's course-mate. He'd told me to look for his friend a few times, and I had seen him around. Felt it was weird if I just came up to him and asked about Arep without being properly introduced. So it was cool to have finally been rostered together.
I also had my batchgirl; Sally, in the set! So really.. it was a cool flight! (Plus, our supervisor was really nice.) I liked the set a lot!

I didn't get much sleep, but it was a good trip. I don't mind losing some sleep. Not exactly something new. (In the past four days, I can honestly say that I'd only slept for a total of twelve hours! ..okay, that's crazy come to think of but that does not make it any less true.)

So anyway, now I'm home.. with two days off..
I better get a loooong sleep tonight.
But first, I need to go and remove my make-up. (Came home three hours ago and I'd only changed clothes before getting stuck writing this! hahahha!)


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