Monday, March 12, 2012

In a bad funk..


I'm in that phase where I'm bored of work. (It comes and goes..) Nothing significant happened really.
Maybe that's why I'm plain bored.
Plus I've been feeling pretty lonely lately.
Makes me want to run far faaar away from here.
Kinda odd I suppose. The lonelier I get, the further away I want to be.
I really hate being so attached to anyone or anything. So yeah, whenever I come to a realization that my loneliness originates from the lack of the one that I've gotten used to have.. I'd take a step back.
Am I making sense?
Anyway, I feel like taking a thousand steps back.
Sometimes I feel like I am losing myself. Sometimes I am found.
Today I just feel lost. And hollow.
Feels like nothing or noone could ever save me from my dark, dark place.
I'd like to thank anyone who'd tried though. I am grateful to God for throwing them in my way. They've tried, I know. But maybe I was simply made to walk under the clouds instead of on them. Maybe I will feel this way my entire life. Maybe I will always have doubts. Maybe I will never have my bliss.

Been wondering if I should see whether the grass is truly greener on the other side. Funny how the people I know are leaving the job because of the things that's been going on with the company. I suppose it's true that Sags are loyal. To be really honest, with all the rumours that's been going around, not once had I thought to leave. Never.
But if I do leave....
It'd be because I got bored.
So bored that I had to run from life as I know it.

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