Saturday, February 01, 2014

Delivery madness!

To be honest, I'm not really in the writing mood but it's been a while since I blogged and I promised myself an entry a week! So despite having a pretty tiring week, followed by a pretty awesome family gathering yesterday, I decided to blog anyway since tomorrow I'll start another cycle of tiring work-week!
So I apologize in advance if this post turns out to be a half-hearted, rambly entry..

Feels like the end of January is pretty much all about deliveries and well, online shopping!

A lot of offers popped up and to start it off, I shall confess that I DID spend some dough for the Benefit Cosmetics sale-bration that I blogged about earlier of last month!

The delivery came in so neatly packed with one of those tissue paper wrap and though it was delivered through normal postage (one that does not require you to sign off), the Show me the love tin that I bought arrived undamaged. The one thing that irked me a bit about the postage though was the fact that since it does not require to be signed off, the postman just placed the box in front of my apartment door! It was quite large, it didn't fit into the post box nor in between the bars of my gate and he just left it there!
Good thing no one actually bothered to steal the package!

Anyway, apart from the tin, I also bought the sample size of the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow! foundation, It's Potent! eye cream and two of the Badgal Plum mascara. Why two? Because I've been meaning to try it out and they're discontinuing it and for 12 dollars, I told myself, "what the heck!". hahaha!
Also with any order, you get to select two samples so I picked the Hoola bronzer and The POREfessional: Agent Zero Shine samples which was pretty cool for a sample as it came with a little brush too!

I haven't tried these products enough to say what I really think about them so perhaps I'll have a proper opinion in the coming months.
The only product that I've been using everyday is the mascara and.. meh.. Now that I've tried and tested it out, I can happily move on with my life. It claims to intensify your eye colour and I don't think it did that at all. And as for my lashes, Maybelline still makes the best mascaras in my opinion! (They're Real! is pretty good but it's bloody expensive for what it is! So I'll be sticking to Maybelline once my mascara stash are gone.)

The second delivery that came in was from Luxola, and though I didn't get the full sleep-set that I had also blogged about, I did get the Deep Sleep Pillow Talk duo. I've only used the pillow spray twice and so far so good. I'm not too keen on the smell to be honest but for the two times that I've used it, I've been having long uninterrupted sleep. Not too sure if it's because I've simply been too pooped to be woken up in the middle of the night, or that the stuff actually works! But I'll be carrying it along my hotel stays and we shall see..

The other thing that I bought from Luxola was Sleek Makeup's i-Divine Vintage Romance palette.
Yes, it is another eyeshadow palette and God knows I don't need another one. But it has such gorgeous colours and I said to myself how it'd be perfect for work when I saw it when it first came out some months ago.

The palette is on sale on Luxola and since I'm buying the sleep-set anyway, I figured might as well that I just get it then.
I do love the i-Divine palettes. I love how slim and sleek the packaging is. Vintage Romance is the fourth palette that I got from Sleek Makeup and for $12, I think they're well worth the money! (Luxola sells them for RM51.50, normally.)
sidenote: Sleek Makeup do ship internationally for less than $5!

Since I am using Naked 3 when I'm doing my makeup from home, these i-Divine palette is pretty much my outstation palettes! The ones I have are the Ultra Matte V2, Oh So Special and the Primer Palette. I would recommend getting any of their palettes except maybe the Primer Palette since they're not really "primers" per-se (not on my lids anyway!) but they're still gorgeous colours.

Looking forward to use the Vintage Romance palette tomorrow morning! I love a good purple shade on the lids..



weyh...i need more review on benefits... baru nk mintak ko review kan...ko pakai tak face balm die Doctor pe tah... sini harga RM115 so i need to know is it worth it....

Banyak nyer eye palette ko makcik! jeles giler....ko kalu nk buat yard sale on your makeup stuff bgtau aku ok!

Monkey's Bunny said...

Aku tak penah try the Dr Feelgood.. Haritu aku ada nampak mini size kat Sephora RM 50 kalau kau nak cuba.. But if you're interested with primers, their Porefessional memang banyak good reviews. Aku tak cukup test lagi untuk komen..

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