Friday, February 28, 2014

Just life, I guess..

On standby with Encem for two days.
I was called up to a single night in Manila and he was not.
This is really a small matter but I just can't shake off the sadness.
I am sad, I truly am.
I actually numbered the days in my journal for when I hadn't seen my boyfriend; it had been nine. And now the count starts again..

I went to work with hardly any sleep at all yesterday. Even then I still pushed on so I could spend the rest of the day with Encem.
Seriously, I don't cope well (with life) without my dose of my monkey. And twenty-two hours is not enough to make up for the nine days of aloneness..

I am just sad..
Sorry for this seemingly pointless rant. It's just that I am on my way to the airport and already I am missing my boyfriend. Makes it sound kinda pathetic if I think about it, but I do feel kinda pathetic.


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