Friday, September 12, 2014

NARSissist? Totally.

In case you had seen my recent Instagram photo;

Yes, @NARSissist had actually sent me two of their new nail polishes right to my doorstep! Eeeep!

It started earlier this month when I tweeted how my browser immediately suggested as I typed the letter "N".

The next thing I know, @NARSissist followed me on twitter and sent me a DM,

WAAAY too cool! Assuming that they wouldn't ship to Malaysia, (their US website only ship to US and Canada)
 I gave them my HopShopGo address while asking them about the international shipping.
Almost immediately they replied that they do and asked if I had a different "ideal" address -- my heart just leaped at that!

After just one week (could've been sooner than a week if FedEx had been more efficient!) my goodies were finally in my hands!

Now, I've said how much I liked the formulation of the NARS nail polish despite the brush here. The GREAT thing about their new nail polishes, it comes with a wider brush!! Perfect!
So yeah, imagine my excitement when one of the nail polishes they sent me were one of the new collection!

They sent me Obscura (a shade that I contemplated on getting two weeks ago!) which is described as "lavender charcoal" and Libertango which is a "geranium" shade. Two seriously lovely colours, if you ask me!

I haven't actually tried them on since I'm on a work-week stretch and I'm not actually sure if shades of grey are allowed on while anything close to being red is a no-no.
But you'll see.. Once I get home from my Adelaide trip, those two will be the first things I play with! rawrr!

Is it fitting to note here that I currently have Schiap on my nails? Heehee..
Pretty sure I'll be writing about my recent NARS play-things in the coming blogs!

Anyway, I think it's really awesome how NARS reach out to their fans worldwide by doing this! If you'd been reading this blog for a while, you'd know how big of a fan I am and having them sent me "gifts".. Just WOW. It's like.. I am nobody to them really.. I'm not exactly a beauty blogger who has that many followers/readers that could be persuaded into loving NARS as much as I do. I am used to unrequited love, (because really, loving "things" is just that, isn't it?) but having @NARSissist to acknowledge me this way...

Ah, I am just even more head over heels with NARS now! (Didn't think that was possible..)


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