Monday, February 09, 2015


I'm in Kathmandu again. Feels like I only remember to blog when I'm here. Maybe because there isn't much that I feel like doing other than contemplate. heh!

Nothing much been going on.
Except that Encem's home since earlier of the month so my off days were pretty much occupied. I missed having him around. I missed talking to him late at night and just drift off to slumberland. Him being home also means that the noise level goes up a little. heh! I do find it weird if not a little annoyed that he always ends up picking up his guitars after one in the morning!
Suppose I could pick up one of the guitars and make some noise of my own but I pity the neighbours.

Suppose I'll miss the racket once he goes back to Jeddah -- again. My brain comprehends why he has to leave but my heart just hates it! My heart friggin' HATES it!! And I hate it even more since he doesn't even know when he'll be leaving. The thought that he might have to leave while I'm away on a trip is just upsetting!
I don't know why but I feel like I need to send him off. Like a proper goodbye. Maybe because his roster is interchangeable that even he has no idea when he'll be back again once he leaves.

Honestly I get tired yapping about him all the time. Honestly I don't even talk about him much in real life. I guess I don't feel as bad talking about him on my blog knowing that people could just click away when they're bored, instead of having to sit through me talking.. about a boy.. like some crazed obsessive girlfriend.
Which is how I feel most of the time, really.

Anyway, life's been good. Work's been alright. Mamita and I have been waiting to go to NARS for the new collection to arrive. Somehow she's just as obsessed with NARS as I am; don't know how that happened!
But I must say that it's nice to have someone to talk about makeup with -- and they're just as excited with it! heehee!

Sim, the artist in Pavilion gave me a few samples of the new foundation that'll be released here this month; All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation, to try out and I'm still deciding how I like it.


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