Tuesday, August 30, 2005

my first job interview!

it went great!! really! i think it was a lot of fun!
it was by far the best thing i've done this year.

but i believe i did borrible! ekekke!! i was so nervous! but i can proudly say that my English didn't fail me. heh! it'd be so exciting to get the job, though. advertising trainee.. awesome!

anyways, putting daydreams aside, despite my nerves, i think i did okay answering his questions. but it all went crashing down when he asked my salary expectation. eeek! first i said i don't know, but he insisted that i give a number so i boldly say.. RM2000?
honestly, who would've want to hire someone with absolutely no qualifications nor experience for RM2000?? WAHHAHAHAH!!!

then he asked if i was shy.. i said, "no".
then he asked, "do you have a boyfriend?"
and i automatically said "no". man!
then he said, "so then you must be shy."
and i said, "it's just a lot of work, and i don't have time for that."
the more i say, the worse it gets, eh? at first i claimed that i can work hard for a lot of money and now i say i don't even have the time to work for a boyfriend?? something must be wrong with me! ekekkeke!! he must think i've never ever had a boyfriend that he assumed i was shy. man! i shouldn't have told him a straight "no"! can't believe i couldn't think of the boy-friend speech!! urrghhh!

so now i'm up for another interview. i know absolutely what i shouldn't say. heh!
interviews are so cool!!!!
(but really, i don't want to spend the rest of the year going to interviews and not getting the job! i want the job!!)

so that was my day. hope your's were as fun as mine! hihi!


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