Tuesday, August 30, 2005

this was written on 1:38 am, August 30th

now i'm going to bore you with my rambles.
but you must've liked it if you've been visiting this blog for a while, right?
so at the moment, i am sort of having fun looking through the papers for a job. feels.. older even though it's not exactly what i like to do right now. and yet it's what we're all doing - getting older, might as well enjoy the ride. (God, i sound so corny!)
corny - hackneyed; often heard or repeated

i told dida first that i got an interview for later today and she was so worried. she was half-hysterical when she told nina, i presumed. thought i would get myself into something that might actually lead me to "selling myself".
then i laughed hysterically.
do i look so untrustworthy?? dida once believed that my flabbiness was actually beer-belly!
she's just really crazy, i tell you.

then i told mama about the mmu letter and the possibility of me, quitting school. (yes, i am considering leaving school.) the idea has been around for months actually, and i've only told her yesterday. i think she loves the idea that i'm getting a job but she hated the leaving school part. she's thoroughly convinced that i should change faculties instead.
me in management. can anyone picture it?
muz can't. she laughed off the idea like i was going mad - and so was i, for even considering it.
but as dida said, i'm still living under the roof that's been provided by my parents so technically, i still have to listen to them.
yes, i do. no matter how rarely, but i do.

i'm sorry that my parents had to have a child like me.
i think the only good thing i brought into the household were my stupid jokes.
must've been really funny that papa laughed at them even though he's not in a speaking term with me. (we had a fight about 10 days ago about the house keys. really stupid, and yet both of us are just too egoistic to do anything about it and just live life like we're simply mute when we're around each other. but really, it wasn't my fault! *wink!*)

ohh, i'm sort of glad that most of my friends had found this blog even though i never gave them the url. at least now you guys would know what i am up to even though i never called.
and that, you have to actually blame the stars!
so happens that this book i have on sagittarius, said that "sometimes months, or even years, can go by without a word from them." exactly me. and muz. i swear it could've looked as if we never cared about each other.
ohh, i found out that i'm actually a double Sagittarius!
if you love astrology as much as i do, you should look up for something that's called the Rising Sign. it's the zodiacal sign that could be seen rising on the eastern horizon at the time and place of your birth. supposedly it represents a personal part of the horoscope. (explains just why me, dida, muz and britney spears are totally different people even though we're all Sagittarian.)
i think my rising sign is freakily true. so maybe you'll be freaked by your's too!

okay, back to the job hunting topic.
hopefully i'll get really lucky and get to snag the job! but if it went terrible, well, then i'd just have to find something else, now wouldn't i?

i wonder if mama really thinks i should take management. my long term goal would go out the window if she tells me to stick. *sigh* i've already wasted 3 years. sungguh wanie taknak dah ganyut baru dapat achieve that goal. isyk!

as much as i'm "enjoying" growing up, i simply hate becoming 21. it's a stupid idea. we should all skip it and turn to 22 instead. i feel so stuck at becoming 21. almost an adult, but not just yet! so instead of just making your own decision, you have to make your own decision that is APPROVED by your parents. stupid stupid age.

i want to make money!!! (maybe i've been watching The Apprentice too much.) i don't really need to be filthy rich, but i'd like to have money just whenever i need them.
ooh~ the books i've been paining to buy. (what a geek!)
okay, i think i'm boring myself. i'd better spare you too.


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