Thursday, June 10, 2010

If I could have one wish..

I'd like to see life without me in existence.

Would everyone be better off?
Do I really make a difference?

Sometimes I feel like I am the anchor to the lives of the people around me; the one person that manages to hold the ships stuck to one place.

Yeah... So I'm feeling low.
I want to be taken out of the equation. Just get lost and never return..

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HFX said...

if you think youre the reason some ppl stuck at one place, comparin urself to an anchor isnt really suitable lol...

anchor comparison usually used for good stuff. the anchor of the team etc. plus a real anchor is a good thing too, without it the ship cant stay at one spot.

so yeah, if youre an anchor, thats a good thing! lol

Monkey's Bunny said...

Some people sees the glass half full while some see it as half empty.

To me ships are meant for sailing, and are not meant to be stuck. Why would it want to stay at one spot anyway when it can go around the world?

If you want to school me on the word 'anchor', you could've added that they use the word for the lead newscaster.

So I use the anchor to a ship for a metaphor that was not for something good.. bite me.

HFX said...

well, anchor to ship is a good thing. maybe compare yourself to an anchor that cant be lifted? LMAO

im not schoolin you on the meaning of the word. im schoolin you on how the anchor is basically a good thing, without it a ship is just as good as crashing, that so comparin urself to one is usually going to mean something good than bad.

an anchor is never seen as a bad thing for ships. thats like saying you feel like the handbrake of a car or something.

/me bites wanie

Monkey's Bunny said...

It's my freakin metaphor on my friggin blog, so piss off!
Don't make me want to kill yooouh!

HFX said...


but then, killin me doesnt sound like too bad of an idea too

/me offers myself

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