Saturday, March 22, 2014


Saw the Divergent film and hated it.
HATED IT! Hated it, hated it, HATED IT!!
I hated it even more after reading a random "fangirl" blog post how the film followed true to the book -- LIESS!! I couldn't even read half of her "review" because she made me question if we had been reading the same book!
She clearly read something else and not at all the one written by Veronica Roth.

Which ticks me again. What the heck was Roth thinking, letting the film turned out the way that it did?? It was a whole lot different than the book she wrote! Seriously, I almost called out "WTF!" halfway through the movie. I totally didn't blame Encem for falling asleep in the cinema. I was almost embarassed for wanting to see the film as badly as I did.

Really, I was disappointed. Can you tell?
Perhaps it was my fault thinking that the adaptation would be like how The Hunger Games turned out -- ACTUALLY true to the book and very minimal changes to the characters. (Katniss didn't exactly got her Mockingjay pin from The Hob, but that's nothing major.)

The movie Divergent really diverted from the book. I really didn't feel the connection between any of the characters. Christina was supposed to be taller and tougher than Tris. We didn't even see Al actually 'failing' his tests or Peter being any good except for being just a jackass. Molly didn't think Tris was "cool" in any part of the book and Four definitely did NOT teach Tris how to go through her final test! COME ONN!!
Sorry if I'd spoiled your viewing experience from reading this, but THE BOOK IS SO MUCH BETTER!!!

Go see the movie if you must. I would recommend not to. It's just better to pick up the book instead! Even the Twilight saga had a better adaptation into the movie, seriously.
I am just NOT looking forward to see Insurgent if/when it comes out. Sure, I won't deny that I'll probably go see it anyway but as for Divergent.. It's a complete disappointment for me.

The fangirl in me.. was crushed.


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