Thursday, July 06, 2017

Emotions running wild.

I wasn't really surprised that I'll be such a mess emotionally throughout this experience.
I mean, I don't exactly trust my feelings even before I got pregnant. But some days, I get a little overwhelmed that it's almost embarrassing.

These days I find that I cry to love songs.
I mean.. come on!
I used to get melancholic when I hear really sad songs. They really spoke to my soul. Happy, love songs are just.. fine, to me. I appreciate them all the same, made me smile sometimes.. but I don't cry to them!

Lately though.. I can't even sing along to these happy love songs!!!!
Everytime I start, my voice gets stuck in my throat, then my eyes start to water. If I try to push through, it'll just turn on the waterworks for a full minute.
(eg. Sara Bareilles - I Choose You)

I don't even understand it, but I just somehow get incredibly overwhelmed. SO overwhelmed that only tears could get me through, apparently.
Surprisingly sad songs doesn't affect me in any way anymore. hahahha!


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