Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Honeydew-sized baby.

We're at the homestretch of this pregnancy and I am having mixed feelings.
Doesn't help that my emotions have been all over the place for the past week.
I blame the stress; of having to do a LOT of things around the house before the baby's arrival.
The guilt of letting Monkey do most of the things around the house because I get so easily tired and sleepy lately.
I am in that nesting mode, but damn it I'd rather be napping than sorting out the rooms!

The smallest room now is a total mess. My parents had brought over the spare mattress from their home for when they're staying over so I've been trying to clear out my closet from the small room to move it into the middle room so they could use it later. Does that make sense, by the way?
Monkey and I have SO many clothes! It makes absolutely NO SENSE when we keep wearing the same things over and over anyway!
We really need to sort that out.

Then we also need to do some more shopping for the baby and my parents! I mean, my parents hadn't actually asked for anything, but they're going to stay over and help out without me actually asking, so the least I could do is prepare the rooms and their basic amenities.
As for the baby stuff.. Monkey will be outstation at the end of this month so I'll be flying solo (again!) to the baby expo. pfft! Not too crazy about that after the stupid incident where I fell near a staircase earlier this month.

It was embarrassing, really. I was in Bangsar, going down the short steps while looking around for my Uber and not holding on to the handrail. (I normally just.. don't -- bacterias, ick!) Then at the last step I somehow sort of lost my footing and fell to my knees! People were looking, but none came to help. Then again, I got up so fast and pretty much immediately saw my Uber and walked towards it. Kinda funny, kinda grateful. Kinda painful too where my knees got most of the impact and I somehow grazed the top of my foot.
I got a little worried for a while but Nugget kicked me as if nothing happened, so we're fine..

Monkey kinda banned me from going out alone after that. Not sure if he's serious but Dida approved of the ban. pfft!

Anyway, I'm at Week 35. Kinda nuts when I think about it! Where did all the time went?! To think that babies will be fine if they were born on the 36th week. Not sure if I'll be fine, though! Good God, I hope Nugget will let me enjoy the kicks for a couple more weeks. I really do feel that I will miss that the most. Even though it can get uncomfortable at times.
Funny thing is, Nugget really acts up when there's just me; kicking and stretching like there's no tomorrow. But as soon as Monkey or someone else puts their hand over my belly, Nugget will immediately stop! Or kick a little less.
Seriously.. this cheeky baby..

I am definitely feeling.. large.
Not fat, though. Although I have gained nine kilograms since I got pregnant! I pray that I'll be able to shed them off once Nugget is born.

Recently I went to get a 5D scan of the baby. Not that there's any NEED for it. To be honest, I feel like Nugget has been getting scanned so so much, it's really unnecessary. But I am extra.. I wanted a 5D print of the baby..
If/when I get pregnant again in the future, I'll probably have a scan for that first time when I find out, NT scan in week eleven or twelve, detailed scan around week twenty-four and then perhaps a 5D when the baby is around week thirty**. I mean, of course.. I've been getting so many scans throughout this pregnancy because I get my check-ups in two places. The government clinic had wanted to keep a close eye on me as I'd been a smoker while Umra's procedure basically scans patients in every visit.
I do hope that there really isn't any effect on the baby from getting so many ultrasounds!

**I got mine at Week 33. Personally, I went there to get a clear picture of Nugget's tiny face for the journal I'm writing. It's not advisable to go so late during the pregnancy as the baby will be too large and crammed in the womb, so you might not be able to see the baby's face clearly. I got mine alright. Then again Nugget was just about 2.5kg then.

I dread the idea of going back to work.
Still not missing it!
A friend (who isn't in the biz) wondered how I manage to not miss it even a bit. Told her that I miss the perks of shopping outside. And my own money, of course. heehee. But I don't miss the job. I really don't.
Don't get me wrong, the job isn't boring. But if I could find something else where I don't have to sit all day, be around my family more and still keep my livelihood as it was, I'll happily quit from being a cabin crew.

Anak tak lahir lagi, dah terkena dah syndrom mak mak..

I don't know..
Perhaps I'll change my mind once I hear Nugget's first cry. heh. I am SO looking forward to actually hold the baby and just bond.. but at the same time I'm afraid of not wanting to ever let 'em go.
I hope I'll be fine. I hope we'll all be fine..

I should probably start packing my hospital bag. Maybe I'll do that next week. I'm in no rush. I don't think Nugget is too.

I feel like I'm coming down with something. Just the other day I was thinking to myself that I'd been relatively healthy throughout this pregnancy. Not a single flu or sniffles. Well, I kinda sorta did sometime during the first trimester but it wasn't enough for me to consider even taking a Panadol and it probably lasted just two days. I do remember taking warm water with honey for a couple of times and felt fine after. Never sick enough to report to my nurse or doctor.
Anyway.. my point is, I've been feeling kinda crappy this past two days! Like.. the heck? I'd been so proud and impressed to the point that I wish I could've high-fived lil' Nugget! But I am currently having some sort of a sore throat and a little dry cough. Still not enough to report to my nurse or doctor, but it's uncomfortable.
Hoping it'll go away soon.


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