Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Blank again..

hehee.. Sorry.. honestly I have nothing much to say.. Quite a boring life I'm leading these days.. Pening pening.. Things to think about..
sebenarnye tatau pon ape yg takes up so much space in my head. rasenye cam nothing pon.. but i cant seem to just shove it off. STUCK is more like it..
anyways.. been spending most of my time at home. mostly because i've brought my computer home already since i need to complete my mcp assignment. hehhe!! maseh tak dapat pikirkan layout yang menarik sebenanye for the project. i hate it when i can't get my so-called 'creative' brain to work.. bluerghhh~! media and arts is what i do best and when i'm unable to do that.. i'm just as the same as useless~!! bluerghhh!!
anyways.. lapa nihh! tak makan ape pon since the morning.. i wonder when my sister would drag me off from this place..

yadda yadda yaddaaa


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