Saturday, August 09, 2003

Harry Potter Syndrome

That's what we call it.. I have it, BJ has it.. Yes, the two of us has HPs.. Been having such short tempers lately and yes, quite selfish too. And what's more, everything is about "me.. me.. me.. ME". hahhaha!!! It's not really a pretty sight. This syndrome actually affects the whole surrounding of those who has it. BEWARE OF HPs~! The best way is just leave those who has it alone. Apparently they have loads of things built up inside of them. The critical part of this syndrome is when they won't even talk to people.. and when they do, it'll come out in loud tones and harsh words.. DO BEWARE OF HPs~! It breaks people's heart, it breaks people apart, and it makes nobody happy..

o yeah mz. kaoru.. I happen to be jealous of your site.. I wonder to myself if I will ever be capable of tearing myself away from blogging one of these days.. It makes me wonder...


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