Tuesday, August 19, 2003

The thing I missed~

Remember last time when I said I didn't miss the fact that I'm away from MMU at all? Well.. I finally felt missing a bit last night.. I miss my friends so much!! (Even with the fact that they're all 'different' now) Can't help thinking that I can't stop talking to certain people there... Kalau dah takde menda nak cite pon, create something rather stupid just to keep the conversation going. :)) I miss bumping into those people that simply make my heart skipped a beat. Itu aje laa yang Wanie rindu.. menda lain takde ape sangat.. other than friends and 24/7 worth of free internet.. takde ape sangat MMU tu kan?
Aaaanyways!! Tak start laie Rule of Thirds nih!! Cemane?? Probably going out tomorrow morning with BJ and Ana. But of course, pape hal pon kena balek MMU dulu kan? Adohai laa~ Stadi pon tak start laie niee! hohohoho!! Okiee.. you're welcomed to read the offline-written blog, if you please~ ekkeke!! Take care peeps!! Good luck for the finals!

the bestfriend that makes my heart jump~


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