Monday, September 27, 2004

it's just a damn book.. fartface!

had a pretty quiet long weekend. lots of reading, lots of reminiscing, lots of writing, lots of thinking and loaaads of cursing! ekkekekeke!

not my fault that i quarrelled with dida right on thursday. (she's really a jerkkk!!!!) and i only see papa being amused with us, 'cause there's this time when we were in a mall and papa asked what dida was looking for and i said, "i don't care!" and he simply laughed. huhuuu. helpful!
and dida totally forgot about survivor and i didn't remind her since I DON'T CARE and we weren't talking anyways. and when it was too late for her to remember, i can only hear myself laughing in my head.. AHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!! padan muka kau! nak sangat pegi PS! :P
but by late saturday we did start to talk again.. ekkeke!! just because izzati came along and we bickered on who wants to play with her first! heehee!! :x


and i finished angels and demons!!! hoyehhhh!! it's a really REALLY good read!! and i'm cheering papa to read that next since he's already finish with da vinci code. heehee!!
and last night me dida and papa discussed about the masons, us dollar, illuminati and da vinci, which as usual.. will bring me and dida start a new quarrel! hahhahaha!! haihhh~ hopeless!

so now i'm back here in cyberia.. the very place i don't really... bluerghhh!! you don't want to know.. nor should i say it. :) (not that i care!!! hahahahha!!)
but hummm.. some things ARE better left unsaid. :)

i want a getawayy!!


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