Tuesday, September 21, 2004

that was flattering.. BUT

.. tak baik menipu taaauuu! :P

anyways. the day yesterday turned out okay.
maybe 'cause i got back home! ahhahaha!! i first said to dida that i'll go back on my own but then i said, "tak jadilah".. and waited for her and papa to pick me up at 8 something. :D
then, we spent the whole journey deciding what to have for dinner.. and finally concluded on pizza 'cause dida told me she 'teringin' to have pizza few days back. hehhe. it was a nice dinner laa. just the three of us, (mama is in melaka for work-related course) the last people in the restaurant, laughing to some silliness and stupid jokes. :D
and what's best about home is how i can get to sleep when i really want to :) and good night sleep at that. haiihh~
ohh! and papa's phone is back with him.. :D heehee

so anyways! papa sent me back here for my class at 2. :( i'm still in the mood for holiday so the class for screen and display interface was not as interesting as it should've been.

okay. i'm stopping.


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