Saturday, March 24, 2007

(no idea)

Dida called earlier for me and Papa to get ready. We were heading to KL to pick up Mama and Nina from work so we could all send Nina back to Seremban.
(Abang Min didn't approve so much of that -- that dude is weird on some level.. but that's a different story!) It was really nice to talk to the entire family. We don't get much of that, having the kids running around a lot most of the time.

Laughed a lot during (late) dinner. Abang Min and the kids have already fallen asleep upstairs, so there we were around Nina's dining table, wolfing down the food we'd bought just minutes before. Dida naturally found something to joke about Mama.

Mama being Mama.. dotty and all, lagged a bit when the four of us were already laughing, and so;
Dida: Mama has short term memory loss..
Mama: Who said that?

kikkiki! Pardon yourself if you don't find that funny. Mama is always funniest when she didn't mean to. We were laughing so hard and I just might need to remember this one sometime.

My mind has been a little weird lately. It doesn't matter who's talking, but every conversation I listen to sounded like Korean! I guess I shouldn't have watched all 24 episodes of Goong in 2 days. Even my dreams are all messed up now...


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