Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Busy busy bee.

Or so I'd like to think.
I have 5 days OFF on the first week of August, honestly.
As you can witness here, I am blogging, which should tell you that I am home in Shah Alam. hahahha!
Wasn't planning on going home actually but I've been having a cough and a fever that seems to go on and off to its liking. So, surprisingly, I volunteered myself to the clinic despite the fact that I HATE going to the clinic.
I know.. I've changed. hahahahha!
Anyway, just to let you know.. my medical book has lost its virginity, my friends.

The doc gave me a cough medicine that I should take once during the night. I'm assuming that the med would make me sleepy. I got the same prescription for the flu med so.. I'm wondering if I should take them at all tonight considering my pick up is at 5am tomorrow and yes, I didn't ask for a medical leave. (The doc actually offered me and I said "no". hahahha!!)

Honestly, what I need right now is a good long rest and an off day that is no more than one day 'cause anything past that would make me super-rusty at my work. Really, I noticed the other day that once I come home, I really forget about all the shit that happened (I'm just that gifted, I tell you) on board so I am bound to make the same mistakes all over again! hahahahhaha!
It's horrible, I know.
I blame all the times I've bumped my head on the wall.. cupboard.. car top..

Life is good basically.
Only a minor 'situation' where it's only the 4th and I'm dead broke. Alif and I have started counting down the days 'til pay day (21 days!) and really, it's making me miserable. I still have 3 night stops coming up and I have no idea how am I going to pay for my food. Crazy.
I really should take my budgeting seriously next time. hahahha! Like when I say that I've set aside RM100 for every week, I shouldn't have hung out in Coffee Bean, Tony Roma's AND Chilli's in the same week!! WAHAHHAHAH!!

Okay. I'm finally done with my lunch (took me more than an hour!) so I should take the meds for my fever and have a lie down.
'Til next time, take care everyone!


Alif Iskandar Tareh said...

owh yesss.. 21 days and counting...

my financial management gile sux k...! hahahaha

OMG! you went to tony roma's, chillis and CB... i tak pergi pun but still my money tah pergi mane... :(

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