Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So let me tell you about Monday.
I woke up early to send DD off downstairs, then when I went back up Mimi was already awake so we hung out.. had a few smokes.. yap about work and guessing if we'd get called-up during our standby. Then Botak came out of his room and hung out with us..
Then Mimi went to her room to get ready so she could go back to her parents', Botak went back into his room to finish a novel.. I decided to write a rather psychotic letter.. and basically that's how I spent the morning that day.
Until about 3 when I decided that I should take a nap.

While I was sleeping, I dreamt that I was in the terminal.. looking for my aircraft to Penang. Knowing that I have work to do.
I got tired of looking around and thinking Penang.. Penang.. Penang.. so I woke up, the time was 5:30 pm.. decided that I should take a shower since DD should be on the way home. Done with shower in 20 minutes.. put my lazy-clothes on.. combed my hair.. fussed over the clothes that was in a mess on the floor..
And my phone rang.

Caller ID: Duty Exec NB.
The dude tells me that I have a layover in Penang.
See.. I'm telling you.. my dreams have impeccable instincts. (What does that tell you? When I need to be asleep to be RIGHT. hahahaha!)

I actually love split duties. The load isn't very full.. I get to sleep in a BED.. steal hotel's stationery and laundry bags. (I have no crazy over toiletries..) I guess since I'm still new, I haven't been to any same hotels so everything is still exciting! (Even though they are all starting to look just the same.)

In other news, I've been getting random followers on Twitter. I don't mind them so much.. until they ask me silly questions. Like this one guy who asked me where in Shah Alam do I live in.. then when I answered, he asked me where that is.
Really.. if you don't really know Shah Alam.. or ANY place for that matter, it's kinda lame to be asking for specifics.
(The right way to respond is to say or ask, "is it near... yada yada?" Even if you get it wrong, it would make you seem like you know a bit of the place instead of just asking some question, trying to make some lame conversation -- which I HATE.)

hmm.. I've been hoping to see next month's roster but turns out it isn't published yet. ughh.
And six more days 'til pay day. Double ughhh!
Going to BKI on Friday and will be spending the first Ramadhan on the plane. I hope I'll be able to fast this whole Ramadhan without being tempted too badly. hahahha!

Anyway, I should go get my shower now. Going out with my dad to pick up the kiddies and meeting up the rest of the family at Tony Roma's!
yayy! Good fooood!!
I need it.

Oh! Jakarta was fine btw. I had a good Leading which had made me pretty calm during the whole trip/flight. Nothing much to tell though.


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