Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lazy Saturday.

I had a pretty okay week.
Monday and Tuesday off, and the rest three days of the weekdays were spent at the training school in Kelana Jaya.
So happens my licence were expiring next month so 'they' rostered me to renew it a month early.

I had the Crew Resource Management recurrent with Encem and Luqqy so it was just fine. A bit annoying actually.. What with Encem and his 'professionalism'. I don't think I like that one bit but I suppose I'll just flow with it for as long as I can take it. Perhaps one day he'll see me being totally unprofessional with other stewards and then he gets it.
I mean, seriously.. He could come off as cold sometimes! Professionalism, my ass!

Anyway, the CRM class was draggy but the captains who attended that session were a hoot! So fortunately, there were some parts where I was happily entertained -- the other parts just made me sleepy.

My Safety recurrent on Thursday and Friday were pretty much uneventful. But I loved spending my mornings and evenings with Bestie! Been a while since we last hung out so it was really nice. I'm glad that his conversion class is basically over so I'll get to see him more often again.
Oh and by the way, I passed my exam so I'm free to fly for another year!

And now it's Saturday -- a lazy Saturday since I'm staying home with no plans of going out what so ever. Encem left for a four-days trip and tomorrow I'll be flying to Kaohsiung. So I should rest. I like KHH.. I just wish that the flight wouldn't be sooo long.
Anyway, I hope there'll be someone who would want to go out with me and shop a little. heehee

'Til next time then, take care everyone!

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