Friday, May 07, 2010

The Only Exception.

I have a request.
It isn't hard...

Could someone please let the fact that every little stupid thing I do are mostly for Encem into that thick head of his??
Alif? HELP!!

Imagine my frustration when I was trying my best to sing him that Paramore's song while playing the guitar.. And he decided to 'join' me by playing the drums on his computer!!
The asshole.

Trying to be romantic and sweet is futile with a child. I wonder why I even bothered.
It's like.. He deliberately refused to listen to what my heart is saying. With all the racket from that stupid drum beats.

And I can't talk to stupid right now.
Stupid, silly child.
I've really had enough of tears this week, please.

I'm feeling like that tiny satellite that's drifting away into the universe..

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alip said...

huhuhuh he's funny... maybe u being all romantic tibe-tibe sangat kot.. tue dier main drum tue... huhuh chillio la...

"in a relationship, u have to accept the other person for all of what they are, not just the parts that are easy to like. and ur stupid if you turn your back on something as important as love..."
valentine's day

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