Saturday, January 05, 2013


Ebay is EVIL.
I've been on it for an hour looking at OPI nail polishes.
I'm addicted to colouring my nails somehow. Well, it's something to do. Keeps my mind off of things. So I get myself focused on the lighter side of life; like, what colour should I paint my nails with next?

I've been feeling like I'm cheating on Blogger lately. Mostly because I've been on Tumblr more often than here. Somehow Tumblr makes me feel younger..? Made me feel free to rant and actually post pictures of my nails! HAHAHHAHHA! Feels kinda vain, but somehow having it on Tumblr makes it feel okay.
How odd is that anyway?

I've been sad, to be honest.
Just typing those out makes me want to cry. I'd really hate to admit it but it's the truth. I've been complaining about my job a lot lately. Too much for my own liking. I'm unhappy at the lounge.. and I'm complaining about flying. Basically means I belong nowhere!
Sure, if you ask anyone I'm sure they won't tell you that I've been complaining about these to them. I haven't even been talking much to anyone. Not about how I really feel anyway.

Bestie is never around.
Dida is too judgemental.
And Encem.. well, Encem being Encem.. I don't even want to start on that.

I'm sad.. I have no one to turn to.
So yeah, that's what's been going on. Just me, having conversations with myself every single night.. all the time.
It's only been five days of the new year and already I'm telling you some sappy stories!

So now I focus on my nails.. What colours I want them to be..


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