Saturday, January 19, 2013

Silence is virtue.

I know I've been quiet lately..
Nothing much to say really..

Oh, last night Encem noticed blood in my right eye. I thought it was the normal dot that I've always had.. turns out it was something else! Looks alarming. Kinda scary. I babbled a bit while I tried to calm myself down.
Then I looked it up on Google and diagnosed myself as having Subconjuctival Hemorrhage. Yepp.. bleeding in the eye. No idea how that happened, but apparently it's nothing serious and it should go away in two weeks.

I still went to see the doctor, just to make sure and he told me the same thing that I already knew..
So I'll be having scary-looking right eye for two weeks. gahh!

Other than that.. nothing's going on in my life.
Promised myself not to talk about money, so I'm not gonna.. hehe


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Monkey's Bunny said...

bukan.. it's literally bleeding in the eye..
it happened during my off day.. where I was so comot, langsung tak pakai make-up, let alone contact lenses.

doc said it could be anything from sneezing to a cough that broke the blood vessel.

picture here

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