Friday, March 20, 2015


I could go on weeks without having the urge to shop for anything.. then I could have a blip of moment where I'm "feeling spendy" and leave my account balance to just RM44.

One would think that by this age I would learn how to actually save money -- but Nope!
Good thing Encem "accidentally" brought my credit card with him so I've been spending the money that I have instead of building up my debt. heh

Started earlier this month when I went to Origins to repurchase my favourite night cream, but of course, Azilah; the sales person in Midvalley store talked me into getting some other things! (No regrets though, I haven't found anything that I hate from all the Origins stuff that I've tried so far.)

Perhaps I should mention that I pretty much always end up getting a couple of Washi tapes whenever I go out? sigh. I should stop, though.

Then I did Kansai flight.. Walked around Rinku Outlet -- with no intention of shopping at all. HA!

And then two days in Darwin.. oyy! I do find it funny how crew normally spends their money on groceries in Australia, because that's what I did. Honestly, Woolies and Coles are what I am most excited about when thinking about Australia! hahaha
Managed to repurchase my favourite hair masque -- AU$32, ka-poww! Actually I've seen the Macadamia Natural Oil line in SaSa here, but the last time I went looking the hair masque was out of stock. Now I wonder if I could actually get it cheaper here. hmm..
Anyway, I also got some bits of things from Priceline (their drugstore) naturally. Then I bought some tops from Cotton On because I felt like it. heehee! I'm such a girl!

Five days 'til payday! teeheee


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