Saturday, March 14, 2015

Something random.

Home for the weekends.
This time when I say "home", I meant the place where I grew up in -- Shah Alam.
It's not often that I get the weekend off! And I could only see my family during the weekends, pretty much. Dida works crazy hours during the weekdays (and on the phone most weekends too, to be honest) and the parents are in Bangi during the weekdays to look after their grandchildren.

So yeah, since Encem isn't around.. Weekends are my #familytime now.
And while I sit here in the bedroom that I share with Dida, I find myself irked that I forgot to throw in my lip balm and body moisturiser into my duffel bag. Ughh! Those stupid little things that irks so much!

I came back from Kansai last night where the average temperature was 9°C so naturally, my skin is as dry as a desert and itches like hell!!

It's been a long week. Safety recurrent on Monday and Tuesday (passed and free to fly for another year!) then followed by KIX trip on Wednesday.

It's annoying that I adore the cold weather (a perfect excuse to whip out my boots and jackets!) but my skin disapproves of it so much.
Anyway, I had a pretty good time in Kansai. Mostly shopping, since Rinku Premium Outlet was within walking distance to the hotel we were staying in. I accidentally spent a small fortune at Nike and GAP. heh!

Then of course.. The 100¥ shop! gahhh!! I swear I can never go into one without buying something! This time I got my hands on some Washi tape dispensers! One that holds six tapes for 100¥ (108¥ including tax) -- a BARGAIN!!
I was SO excited about getting those that I began to arrange my Washi tapes as soon as I got home (Bukit Jalil) instead of packing my bag for Shah Alam and making sure that I had my moisturiser and lip balm were included!

There you go.. A totally random, and pointless entry for you to read this week.
Have a good week ahead!


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