Wednesday, June 22, 2005

caffein - schmuck.

i've always loved the thought that caffein/coffee could help you stay awake.
but maybe to just some people, 'coz it does nothing for me!
but i still love the thought... hehe!

so today i went to class as usual.. feels a bit weird after the long long school break. i got too comfortable at home that the mere thought of sitting down and listening to some lecture just puts me off the mood.
but anyways! my dad said something that just forced me to pick myself up and got to class this morning.
class was a bore since i'm taking the subject that i've taken a year ago.

YES - i'm a repeat student.
NO - i'm not stupid. just reaaally lazy. but if you really think about it, me being lazy is quite a sign of stupidity. i mean, nobody should be lazy, yeah? but i picked lazy over 3D, so..
YEAH - i was pretty stupid.

all through class i was text-messaging cik ila; half-drawing, half-planning what we'd like to spend the afternoon doing.

so after my class was over, (errr..) we head on to midvalley and well.. just had lunch and fooled around in MPH Bookstore!! it's just odd how anyone could have such loads of laugh in there, but laugh we did!
might even go to Kinokuniya either tomorrow or the day after!
can't wait 'til July 16th!! (but i guess i just have to deal with it!)

okay! err.. bye?


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