Saturday, June 04, 2005

one long post.

ohh, i apologize if my English turns out a bit crappy. it's been pretty rusty lately.

heyy there people!! i suppose i HAVE been missing typing my everyday out for everyone to read. (weirdo!) ooh~ and i'm also missing mugglenet and portkey!! the news i have missed, eek!!! anyways, just a week left to the long long school break. to tell you the truth, i think this has been the best school break yet!! i should've find a job to get a few bucks (at least that's the most rational thing to do with the 2 months break) but i had too much fun doing almost nothing, skipping my showers and just talk with my sister through the month! hehhe! and she's been bringing me along to some fun things like movies, shopping, karaoke and bowling!! (mind, i feel like i'm starting a writing version of Globe Trekker right now!)

karaoke is not my thing, though. as much as i like singing, i don't think my voice sounded for the better when it came out louder than it should have been. *sigh* but shopping, movies and bowling (in that order, please) are DEFINITELY what i wish to do for life! ekkeke!
ohh, and i bought - rephrase - Dida bought me Dan Brown's Deception Point and that concludes my collection of his works to date! he's a really good writer, i tell you! it's amazing how he can write a day's worth of events on 580+ pages! ekkekke! his stories were intense!! so if you like reading, Dan Brown's is a MUST!!
i also made Dida bought this cool book about Sagittarius and that one was really fun to read. and i suppose Kinokuniya are going to do something like what they did 2 years ago on the day Harry Potter came out! this is SO EXCITING!! and i've got this cool ticket from pre-booking. heehee! ME LIKE VERY MUCH!

i remember out all the albums i've ever bought all my life just to see how weird my taste were (and probably still are!) so i actually have two Chinese albums which were Zhao Wei's, one SMAP (Japanese band which one of the member was Takuya Kimura!), a Cardcaptor Sakura soundtrack, Cayote Ugly soundtrack, Pokemon First Movie soundtrack and Beautiful Life soundtrack. Two KRU and one Elite (wakkakakka!!) Two of Spice Girls, three of *NSYNC, one Britney, B*Witched, Westlife, Lifehouse, Brian McKnight, Linkin Park, Sixpence, Evanescence, New Found Glory and McFLY's All About You. ekkeke!! i think they were all too mixed matched for me to find out what my true favorite genre is.

okay, one social message; at Starbucks Coffee now you can buy this yellow rubber wristband cost RM5. by buying this wristband, you're actually supporting the National Cancer Society Malaysia. so people, this is a good cause! CELEBRATE LIFE!
hehe. i thought, if i've been supporting Comic Relief all this while, i should at least do something on my own land for once. :D

*sigh* a week left to the break. i'm sorry that it had to end.. o well! still many things to do, places to go.. take care people! see you guys soon!


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