Saturday, June 18, 2005

if i was to live a normal life.

okay okaay.. what is normal anyways?
i suppose my definition of normal is when everything is just what it seems.

my life hasn't been that way for a very long time. my life these days seemed more surreal. everyday i woke up to some serious thought that goes on through the day and made me feel like i've been dreaming all along.
is this by any chance, understandable to you?
some other times the thoughts i had through the day continues onto my dreams.
it's just.. weird.

on some lighter topic, don't you think i've been doing too much of this lately?
pondering on something i have no answer to, and write about it? i suppose i don't do these bits too often as i report my daily activities.

just last night i filled in my old man on my thoughts and in response, he asked me;
"how did your thoughts come to that?"
- i really don't know.
(i only asked for his view on God's plans when a child dies young.)
i suppose i ask too much.
i suppose it could be true that Sagittarians are philosophical and spiritual.

i do notice that i've been pointing at my date of birth at times like this.


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