Friday, December 26, 2008

Flaws and all.

My mom brought home a travel mag the other day and I probably shouldn't have looked through it..
Looking at the pictures breaks my heart. gah!
I don't want to be heerrree!!! I can't stress upon that enough.

I saw Bahijah the other day -- which was of course, nice and awesome! Haven't seen her in a while. Funny how the first thing she said to me wasn't "hello", but; "I bet you haven't showered yet." hahhaha! My friends knows me too well.. but what did she expect? She called me just 5 minutes before she came over! rawr!

mm.. another year is ending.
I can't help it!! I keep feeling this way (semi-depressed) every single year! bah! It's just so typical for me.. like some age old pagan ritual..
When the twelfth half-moon rises and the night is gloom, dress down to your nature suit, lay down with your face away from North and be depressed..
Although I don't really strip to be depressed. heh.

I suppose 2008 hasn't been so bad.. although I haven't got much to show for. Still jobless despite wanting to be employed since last year! hahahha. There's a couple of hit and misses though. I can't help it. I know that with my education background and experience (or total lack of it!) I shouldn't be picky but I just couldn't help it. Just couldn't bring myself to take a job only for the sake of money -- and so of course, I am now completely broke!

I didn't get to too many 'events' compared to last year even though 2008 is the year of the Rat; my year. I turned 24 and I'm nowhere close to owning my pair of Louboutins. sigh.
Though I found love in the most unexpected circumstances. I mean.. what are the chances that I'd be hooked to a game online? And what are the chances that I'd go for online dating? hahhahha! Those two were highly improbable chances that had somehow happened this year and I must say that I'm glad that it did.
Very very glad.

So anyway.. I guess you win some, you lose some..?
But I hope next year I'll just win WIN WINNNN!!

Hope you'll have a good year ahead, dear readers.. Also, drink responsibly. heehee.


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