Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Dida forgot to hide the modem.. or has she forgiven me completely? ♥
sigh. I probably shouldn't be using the laptop but I can't help it! eeep!
I've been riding in her car this past few days so I was able to listen to some relatively new Indon songs. (whoopee!) I needed that really.
I needed new songs to listen to as much as I needed unnecessary details on her love life, and I needed that as much as I needed to let go of my misplaced effort at being constantly angry. sigh.
Big chance that she'll hide the modem again tomorrow though. blah.
Anyway.. in case she reads this; Dida, I actually missed you.. (I hate that I'm turning into a mush..) Which is why I keep thanking you yesterday. It wasn't JUST for the hat. Thank you..

I suppose going into the new year isn't going to be so bad.
For one, I am not having any beef with anyone.. (hopefully this lasts! hahaha!) And I retrieved my watch!! Ablen, Ablen!! I found the watch that you gave me! hahahha! Well.. it wasn't really lost. Misplaced more like. I'd always thought that I dropped it somewhere around here but Jasmin handed it to me on Saturday while I was in Seremban. heehee. I'd actually "lost" the watch for three freakin' months!! Amusing though.. it was the third time I'd lost the watch.. and it got lost for three months. What's the number of the day, kids?

Loving this Indon song: since Lifelogger died, we'll have to make do with 4shared.
I'm honestly horrible at translating Indon songs because they are so poetic and my words can't seem to do it justice but the bridge and chorus basically goes like this;

I keep feeling that this longing is excruciating
really my life now feels like a disappointment
when you are not here

My dear I want you to know
my dear I want you to understand
At this second I am missing you
who are far away

I feel like running
to bring you back
into my arms.. only in my arms.

bahahhaha! So jiwang la wei. Tak tahan. I am SO one of you now, eh Bahijah? :P

Okay, I'm definitely not going to post any more blog entries until the new year, so..
Have a happy new year, everyone!
Hopefully 2009 will be an excellent year that will bring us an abundant of joy and happiness. I also hope that we won't ever run out of laughter, fun, friends and love. ♥
Since I'm throwing around wishes anyway, I also hope that we'll come by loads and loads of money!! HAHAHHAHA! Well, the more reasonable version should sound like; hopefully that all the projects we've begun will flourish and be fruitful.

*extra hugs for Boyfie*


Anonymous said...

*hugs u tight and doesnt let go*

Monkey's Bunny said...

miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you miss youuu

Girl That Jumps said...

me?? i got no extra hugs? You're one of 'me' now! :(

*Pushes Syl far-far*

myhann said...

What song is it? And why did KakDida hid the modem?

Monkey's Bunny said...

Bahijah: you don't get extra hugs coz I just hugged you yesterday :P

Hannah: Taxi Band - Sayangku. (you can click the '4shared' link to download)
and Kak Dida hid the modem coz she was angry at me..

Anonymous said...

errkk.. ahhaha~.. glad u found it back.. n_n.. :p..

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