Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Fools.

aah.. the belated-birthday boy, incik Dar did an interesting one today. He simply texted and asked for a mailing address and naturally one would think that it's for a wedding invitation.
But Dar being Dar.. I had to ask if it's an April Fools prank. hahhaha! Honestly, I would be severely disappointed if I find out that he hadn't send word that he's engaged. Seriously. rawr!

I haven't got much to write lately.
Between my nervousness, drastic mood swings (bipolar? hahhaha!) and doodling.. I really can't think of anything to write about.

I was reading through one of the blogs that I follow, (some fashion blog) and it had tempted me to go look through Tiffany & Co. hahahaha!! Really, this has only been my second time on that site.. ever!
So.. I was just looking.. and then I saw these;

They're PINK!! Pink!!!!
Sorry. There's nothing wrong with pink really. They only reminded me of something.. a while back. hehe.
I'm more into these though;

But really.. how BORING can I get? Those looks pretty similar to the one I'm wearing right now! hahhaha!
And then, I saw this;

This is really nice. (but still very simple..)
When I was seventeen.. I wrote this one short-ish story (a really bad one) and it ended with a proposal. I actually drew that ring, and err.. embarrassingly, it didn't look too far off from that of Tiffany's.
But I like the one that I drew better though. heehee!

Okay, this is crazy. I don't usually care about jewelleries but now I'd like to have MORE! hahahhaha! I think I like rings the best.. You see, as much as I like necklaces.. you can't really wear more than one at a time. It's distasteful. As for bracelets or bangles.. I'd prefer just wearing a good, sparkly watch. haha!
So hunny, *hint!* I hope you're paying attention! heehee :P (ooh, remember.. I like earrings too!)

Oy, why am I writing all these.
I should head to bed. But it doesn't really matter.. Boyfie won't be around in the morning so I can snooze all I want -- if I want to.

Ohh. I think something's wrong with my shoutbox.. :-/
(well, the server.. not just MY shoutbox.)

this entry was actually finished at 4:54 am, April 2nd 2009

9 comments: said...

PINK?! hahaha!

i hope my future husband is smart enough NOT to buy me those +___+

...and *ahem* paying attention to the... rings, you say?

dengar tuh, boyfriend Wanie! :P

myhann said...

Kak Wanie, before I read the text, I looked at the photos first and the last one was my favourite! Ehehe.
Cantik lahhh. Are you ready to have someone to put it on your finger? :)))))

Monkey's Bunny said...

heehee cik Amyan.. apparently he likes my choices..
I actually showed him this once.
tapi macam tak sesuai lak kan..

Hannah.. umm.. am I ready for someone to put a ring on my finger..? sure!
marriage, not so much. hahahha! said...

oh that is SO cantik!
that could be a "just because" ring, no?

(eh bersemangat sungguh, macam i pulak yang nak -_-")

Monkey's Bunny said...

hahahha! I knoooww.. it's really cool, kan?
It's from Cartier la tapi. hahahahha!

Monkey's Bunny said...

lagi cincin comel! said...

from Cartier?


and oh, semua sangat cantik ok!
NOW you make me want to have them ALL T.T

Monkey's Bunny said...

we're both women with high expectation lah! (I did that Facebook quiz)

but getting rings specifically from Cartier or Tiffany's is unnecessary lah..
as long as it fits the 4C's (carat, cut, clarity, colour) criteria is enooouughh.. wahahahhaha!!

I think it's scary that I know these.. said...

it's NOT scary that you know these (because i want the same thing too! -_-")

and yea, unnecessary, but still... kalau bakal husbands kita nak belikan, we won't be saying "eh tak payah la beli", no? (well, at least i know i won't! hahaha :P)

geez. i sure hope my boyfriend doesn't read this. lari ketakutan dia nanti -_-"

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