Friday, April 10, 2009

Report Duty 13Apr09

I can't stop giggling whenever I think about it. "Report Duty".. sounds so serious!

Anyway, boys and girls..
I'm going to start my training next week!! woohoo!!
I'm finally going to start working.. making my own money.. (not much!) but money was never my goal. heehee. A job that wouldn't bore me and something that I can love, was what I was looking for and I believe that I've found it.

I suppose I won't have much time to blog after this considering that I won't be spending my time looking for a cyber-cafe anymore. And I won't exactly be using the computer at home either. oh sigh.
I need a laptop. heehee!

I have a bunch of things to do before Monday then. Papers to complete and submit.. Copies to make.. One call to make..? bleh!
Til next time then..


myhann said...

Kerja apa sampai tak sempat guna PC? :D

Roshida said...

Good luck my dear...I'm sure you will shine in this field you have chosen!

Monkey's Bunny said...

heehee :D
thank youuuu!

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