Tuesday, April 14, 2009

You reminded me of Gerry.

..just a bit though.
The story actually revolved around Gerry's death and I don't really want anything like that to be my story.

So I started my training yesterday.
There wasn't anything much.. just briefings mostly. It's going to start for real tomorrow so I'm actually.. slightly nervous.
First exam on the 28th. yikes!
I think I'm still a bit unsure on the rules about what I can and cannot write on this blog. So, just to be safe..
that's all I'm telling you!

I'm liking my batch though.
The guy sitting next to me (Adi) was born one day after I was born. And he pointed out this morning how my name spells his name, backwards.. He said it was "freaky", so I suppose I made the right call when I didn't tell him that if I had a brother, my dad would've named him Adi. hahahha!
Anyway, nothing much to tell really. I don't think mentioning that we have a 6-footer in our batch is interesting, is it? haha!
I'll drop names once I've known them all better.

I need to learn how to do my make-up from my mom tonight.
And I should head to bed early too. (I actually fell asleep at 8 something last night!!)
But before all that.. I should get my dinner.
So, 'til next time!


amyan.ms. said...

oh that Adi! haha.
ok, you guys are freaks :-S

anyway, i want to know everything, so... just put in whatever you can ok? :P

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