Thursday, April 09, 2009


My mood's getting better.
I wrote 3 cards/letters this week. hahaha! Talk about writing as a therapy. I thought I was going crazy. I'm glad that insanity isn't infectious. Like seriously. I'm really glad that I am the only neurotic person in the house.

I'm feeling pretty positive today -- which I must say is really rare.
But of course, there was something that really pissed me off earlier. (Note: being pissy is much much better than depressed.)

So I went to the PKNS Complex with my dad. He was meeting my aunt (to help me with my bond documents) while I went to the post office.
Afterward we went for a quick drink.. and as we got out from our seats, my dad realized that he didn't have the parking ticket with him. Believing that he had left it in the car, we walked to the parking lot and looked all over inside the car -- no sign of the ticket.

So we went to the office.. saw the lady that was at the counter. She said that we have to pay RM20 for the lost ticket.
My dad asked her why is it RM20.. (seriously, that's just TOO MUCH for a stupid piece of paper.)
Then she practically said; "that's just the way we roll.." (her exact words were: "dah memang macam tu, sejak azali")

Kalau kau kaya raya boleh la cakap camtu. 20 ringgit untuk kertas bodoh, boleh laa! Kot ye pon kelentong la kata magnetic strip tu mahal kee..
Moron. Dah laa kat kompleks jee! WTF! Sangat tak munasabah. Menyampah! Sila mati mengejut.

Okay. Enough venting. heehee.
My dad was really cool even though he was the one who had to pay the money. hahahha! But seriously, he shouldn't have paid that much.
Next time I'll remind him to just give any parking tickets for me to hold on to. (Like Dida would.) I guess I'm good at keeping things, but lousy at keeping electric/electronic things intact. heehee.
Ah well, everyone has their special talent.

'til next time, everyone..
I should head out 'coz my dad is coming to pick me up. haha!
I'm such a brat.. and that's my talent. heehee


HFX said...

i think rm20 is cheap(standard) for a lost ticket. kalau tak letak denda tinggi, people will abuse it. its not just because its just a piece of paper or the magnetic strip etc.


Monkey's Bunny said...

wtf? ABUSE??
how can you abuse it? nvm, I don't want an answer from you since what ever you say will just be your opinion when I'm really curious about the minds of those people yang menetapkan harga rm20 sejak azali tu.

HFX said...

same je lah mcm kena saman sebab langgar lampu merah(walaupun takde kereta), guna handphone time drive. kena bayar rm300. sebab apa rm300? nak bayar duit minyak polis yang tahan? masuk dana polis etc(probably lol) etc?

its a fine.

whats the connection between those offenses and losing a ticket? they all involve being a responsible human being and not breaking the law. you break the law, you pay for it. solution: DONT BREAK THE LAW.

i'll tell you how to abuse the ticket thing:

you parked for hours, and then you said you lost your ticket AND claimed that you just reached there less than 15 mins or so ago and bla bla bla all that crap. there're no proof of how long you really parked etc. this will lead to unnecessary arguments and precious time will be wasted and time = money, and all of those can be avoided by just being responsible and follow the set rules.

so you'll be careful NOT to lose the ticket because you KNOW the consequences of doing so.

plus your OP's just whiningznezz, you dont think straight when you whine xD

Monkey's Bunny said...

I'm not even reading that

syl said...

i think it was more the way the woman said it and make it more annoying?

and there isnt really a need to give such a loong explanation to a vent is there.. lol

HFX said...

LOL i know im just so bored. -__-

well maybe the woman just dont feel like answering such a silly question. so she gave an asshole-ish answer instead haha.

anyway in singapore, do you get fined for littering/chewing gum etc? if so, how much?

syl said...

yea u do if u get caught but i dont know/didnt find out/never been caught..
so.. ya and erm.. its kinda inconvinient to chat here lol

myhann said...

Kurang ajar gila cakap "Sejak azali". Dia fikir orang hari hari ke hilang parking ticket. Although we know, we've to pay more for the lost, she should've used better malay words. Haha.
Kak Wanie, same as me and Sarah. Ill usually hold the parking ticket. Im like her manager when we go out. I even hold her bag, phone, specs and keys. Sometimes read & reply her text messages, dial numbers so that when she holds the phone, she can straight away talk to the person. Perrrggghh grrrrrrrr

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