Sunday, January 31, 2010

SBW makes me nervous..

I'm tired..
I guess lack of sleep will do that to you.
My pick-up was at 5:50 yesterday and my wake-up call later will be at 4:45.. so.. sigh. I was sleeping earlier but DD called, saying that he was with his cousin and that he just met up with one of his good friend, Abang Hensem.
ughhh. Wish I had the days off so I could've gone with him to Kuantan.
Although.. he went there to visit his mom.. and I've never been great with moms. sigh.

I think I'm just jealous.. I hate the idea of him having fun while I'm miserable. hahahha! Talk about being malicious.
One thing I'm absolutely great at.. totally natural at it.

Anyway, did anyone ever notice that every Thaipusam, the news reporter will only ask how the tourists feel about the celebration? And every year, the answers will be exactly the same things. Why bother, honestly?
And why would their thoughts matter really? It's the thoughts of the people who are actually IN it that matters.

Look at me, talking as if I actually cared.
I don't really.
Just trying to distract myself from crazy thoughts..


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