Sunday, January 31, 2010

Still tired.

Still moody.
Hence the lack of concern to how I am treating myself.
My last proper night's sleep was.. Thursday night..?
Crap. And I have an early pick up tomorrow.
I did doze off a little here and there throughout today.. but of course, that's not a "proper night's sleep".
Honestly I won't be shocked if I'm spending the coming three days off with a flu or fever. ughhh. No no.. Power of positive thinking!
I will NOT be down with a fever.. no no..

I crack myself up with the idea of positive thinking. hahahahha
err.. I should take myself a wee bit seriously sometimes.
Although I can only pretend right now.
I honestly.. really.. couldn't care less about myself at this very moment. Surprise surprise..

Let's just say that I'm in my dark place again.
Although.. I am in my dark place most of the time, so there's nothing new there.
Nothing at all.

Currently listening to:
Need You Now by Lady Antebellum


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