Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Of anything else..

How have I been doing so far?

I have been talking about Nugget a lot, it seems.
Between this blog, and my Moleskine, also the journal that I've been writing Nugget.. feels like all I ever talk about is this little bub! I don't think I am losing myself just yet, that feat will probably take a whole lot to do. But I do feel like I am losing things to talk about now that the baby has taken over my work and obsession with make-up.

I am still not missing work, by the way.
Kinda worrying.
Truth be told, I am getting a little scared by the idea of going back to work. I wasn't in love with it when I left and I might have been a little traumatised even, but I see the need to go back to work if I'd like to keep my livelihood and sanity.
I don't think it takes all that much to keep me happy, but I do prefer having the best of anything if I can get it, and I don't see how I could if Monkey is the only person providing for this family.

And this may be too soon to say, but ideally I would like Nugget to have siblings someday.
Too soon to actually plan for it, but I've always adored having my sisters and I hope I'll be fit and strong enough to provide that for my bub one day. Of course, if I'm fated to have just one then so be it. But if there is a choice.. If it is possible.. If I don't end up being traumatised by giving birth.. yeah, I'll go through the gassiness, constipation and spotty face all over again one day.

So yeah, as much as I don't miss the idea of work right now, I'll probably go back once my maternity leave is over. I really do miss shopping with my own money! hahaha!

In other news, my Ramadhan has been going good so far. I've asked my family and friends if they fast while being pregnant, and the answers were a mix. I was determined to try and alhamdulillah, so far everything is going well. I was never going to force myself anyway. I reckon if I was in my first trimester, I wouldn't even bother because I was hungry most of the time but now that I'm well in my second, I think I can manage it.
Nugget has been kicking me more at around five to six pm especially on that first day but we're alright.. We can handle this!
I mean, this has only been the third day.. *rolls eyes*

I know that I've been blogging A LOT this month!
A part of me is thinking, "while the mood still strikes me..".
Also, "while I still have the chance and have both hands free.." heehee. I reckon I'll have to learn to use just one hand for a bunch of things once the baby arrives and I don't think I'll have much time to be in front of my computer.

Life's been good overall. If there is any real complaints, it's mostly because I miss my financial freedom -- which is terrible! Monkey has been super throughout this journey. He sighs a little sometimes but he never complained. Nothing like me anyway, 'cause I'm a real brat!
I'm still amazed by how cool he seems with being the sole breadwinner of our little family. I mean, clearly I am quite high-maintenance if you haven't noticed!

He's always been the joker; never really serious with anything.. but time and time again he surprises me with his "plans" for us. I don't know.. maybe because I've never been the planner. I've always been the I'll-deal-with-what's-in-front-of-me kind of girl so when he talks about his plans and the future, I'm always taken aback.
To think that I'd spent years being unsure of him..
This man is going to be my baby's daddy! HAHAHAHHA!!

I find it amusing how we'd seen each other in our best and worst. The perks of growing up with your partner, I think. I feel like we were children when we first got together. Still trying to figure out our lives, what we really want out of it. Now we're a few months away from being parents!
It's CRAZY come to think of it.
But I couldn't imagine going through all this with anyone else but Monkey. I really feel blessed with how everything had turned out in my life.

Dida reckon that I am lucky. I honestly don't see it as luck, though.
I really do feel truly, blessed. Alhamdulillah..
Things are not perfect, but I'm grateful and glad for everything that I have. Now I pray that Nugget will grow up fine, healthy and well.

Nothing much to update you on, then. That's pretty much what's going on with me lately.
So here is where I leave you for now.
Hope you'll have a wonderful June, folks!


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