Tuesday, May 02, 2017

"Too much time".. konon.

In case you'd noticed me mention about having a little too much time in my hands lately..
Some may know, have guessed from my random Insta-stories and lack of travel pictures on Instagram really, Monkey and I are expecting!

We were not exactly trying to hide it or anything, but for what ever reason I do feel like it's a BIG secret up to the point where I (sorta) announced it on Instagram yesterday. I'll be honest, before then, anytime anyone commented on my feed mentioning about the pregnancy, I couldn't help but delete the comment! HAHAHAHHA! Am I horrible??
I just think it's weird when someone else talks about me being pregnant when I haven't said a single thing (well, except for the little hints here and there) about it myself.
Feels like langkah bendul, like dat. hahahahha!

I mean, anytime anyone asks about it, hubs and I would have no trouble talking about it.
But to actually start talking about it feels kinda.. weird.

But yeah! We're happy and excited to meet our little Nugget. I find myself talking to Nugget every so often now. Almost like a crazy woman, but I know I'm not since I am actually talking to another person! I mean, ignore the fact that Nugget doesn't have a clue what I'm saying, but it's the thought that counts right?
And yes, I am calling the baby Nugget for the time being. Or may be forever!

So what have I been doing since January?
Nothing much really. Some days I do feel like I'm going insane. I haven't missed flying yet, but I miss having my own money. hahahha!
Suppose I should explain. Being a female cabin crew, once you've declared to the company (my company at least) that you're pregnant, they'll put you on "pregnancy leave" which is basically No Pay Leave! You read that right. NO PAY. Not even our basic salary. Makes sense really, why would your boss pay you when you're not doing anything for the company, right?
Yeah, so basically I've just been chilling at home, attempted to cook every once in a while and let Monkey be the man that he is and SUPPORT me.

Well, I'm not crazy about that to be honest. I've been supporting myself for almost a decade now and we've always been pretty much fifty-fifty when it comes to finance.
I mostly HATE that I can't go around and shop my heart's desire. I keep feeling the need to report back to Monkey how I've been spending HIS money.. so yeah.. I'm finding it tough adjusting to that.
Also having to make a shopping list for him whenever I need something from somewhere outside since I can't go get it myself.
I really miss shopping.
Monkey is perfectly aware that his wife is itching to shop, and he does let me get away with some random things sometimes but I just feel bad about it. I just bought two pairs of maternity pants from H&M the other day (not so random) but I still feel bad.

Kina did hand me down two of her pregnancy pants but even Monkey chuckled when he saw them. They were still in great shape, but my taste and Kina's are so different that it's funny. I do appreciate the gesture but I really can't imagine myself wearing a cream-coloured pants and a bootcut jeans. heehee. I honestly have no idea how to pull them off.

Anyway, back to shopping -- the last time I shopped in Sephora was in December!!
Months of just looking and not buying anything is almost heartbreaking. But I really have no use for any new make-up! Since I am not required in the office, I really haven't been putting much make-up at all! I simply can't be bothered with it, to be honest! hahaha!
Most of the time when I go out, I just have my eyebrows on and some kind of a lip product. When I'm feeling a little extra, I'll dab a bit of concealer.
So really.. as much I would LOVE to get some of the new releases from Sephora and NARS, I simply couldn't justify them. So I'll just keep on looking.. coveting..

So with my spare time, you'd think I should be able to blog more right? hahahaha! Well, that was kinda the plan. But I honestly don't know where my time went. Well, maybe I do. I've been lazing watching YouTube, catching up on Candy Crush (ha!) and just wasting time, really!
Perhaps in the next coming months I'll be able to manage my time better. I'd like to catch up on some reading, organise my wardrobe, sort my bedroom (it's been a year that we moved in, and I haven't really put away everything!) and also sort my make-up collection!
It's probably time that I throw out some stuff that has passed its prime.

I have been journaling a bit more, though.
I was wondering if anyone would be interested if I start blogging little details about my pregnancy. I mean, I would anyway. I remember going on Google when I first found out that I was pregnant, wanting to know more about check-ups and stuff but I didn't find much about them. Or not as detailed as I would have liked. So yeah.. hopefully that's coming in the next few weeks.
I am also journaling for Nugget on top of my Moleskine. I mean, this is my kid we're talking about. Nugget will probably want to know some stuff later on and I may have forgotten about the little details.

So that's what's new with me and what's in store in the near future for the blog.
Nothing about work, nothing much of shopping and beauty stuff, and a little about pregnancy and baby stuff!
Hope it wouldn't be too much of a drag.

Have a lovely May, dear readers!


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