Sunday, May 14, 2017

The First Trimester. (Part 2)

Week 8 drama.
I woke up early and made my way alone to KKIA Kuchai since Monkey had to fly off somewhere.
Got there at 08:01 and waited until 08:52 when my number was finally called to a small window where a nurse poked my finger and placed a droplet of blood each on a test strip for HIV screening and another to measure my haemoglobin level.
She then asked me to pee in a cup.

I headed back to the waiting area until my number was called again at 09:15 into a room where there was a doctor and a nurse waiting to have a look at my teeth.
Apparently it's crucial to take care of your dental hygiene while being pregnant because the baby needs calcium, and if your teeth needs work anytime during the pregnancy, it could create stress on the baby.
I didn't have anything obviously wrong with my teeth so this part didn't take long, and I went back outside until my number was called again at 09:22 into the roomful of nurses.

That's when I first saw the pink book, the book where everything will be recorded on, all through my prenatal check ups. My nurse then, Nor Fatimah asked me to fill up the details on the front cover of the book while she fills up another pink book similar to the one I was working on.
She asked about my medical history, husband's history, if I have any allergy to any medication, if I'm on any drugs, and if I smoke.
Once that was done, I was sent to another room to get my blood drawn for a full work up.

At 09:50 my number was called again where I met up with my nurse and got physical. She took a look  and felt around my tummy and breasts. She advised to avoid using soap on the nipples to prevent them feeling dry. That was pretty weird to hear, but it made sense I suppose.
She then prescribed me with Iberet, which is a supplement that contained iron, B complex vitamins, vitamin C and folic acid. She advised me to take it with an empty stomach with juice so the contents of the pill could be fully absorbed. Either an empty stomach or two hours after -- and one hour before a meal.

She then wrote down my next appointment date in the pink book and asked me to wait outside to see the doctor.
NOTE: I found that different clinics provides different supplements. While I was prescribed with Iberet, a friend was prescribed with Zincofer from her KK and my sister was given Pramilet at her private clinic.

My number was finally called at 10:40 into the doctor's room (not the same doctor that did the dental check) where we talked a little and she proceeded to do an ultrasound over my lower belly.

This is the part that SUCKED.
This particular doctor took a long time trying to look for Nugget. The equipment was obviously unimpressive but her bedside manner was just as shit! She even called the nurse that was with her to try and look and despite me telling them that I'd just seen my insignificant dot and heard its hearbeat the week before, she wrote down "empty sac seen" in my pink book.
She then told me to go ahead and get another ultrasound at the private clinic that I went to immediately to confirm that I was still pregnant.

I was worried, but mostly angry at the doctor for her insensitivity. Is that how a doctor supposed to talk to an expecting mother? I told her that there was no bleeding or cramps and still she didn't say a single thing to make me feel any better. How can my baby jump out of my womb into thin air??
Anyway, she then gave me some kind of a referral letter for me to give the doctor at the private clinic also one of the pink books for my record and to bring in my future check-ups and send me off my way.

Then I took an Uber to that private OBGYN clinic in Sri Petaling to get another ultrasound. The nice doctor went on ahead and there it was.. my little Nugget, alive and well with a stronger heartbeat.
So that's how my very first check up went basically.
Came out from the clinic at about 11:30 AM and headed to Pizza Hut because I was starving!

That's pretty much how my first trimester went on, really. I woke up early morning feeling hungry. And gassy. It helped when I eat small portions every few hours. I hadn't heard people talked much about this, but I was a little constipated. Perhaps all these while I've always had coffee and cigarettes to help it move along, but since I stopped when I found out that I was pregnant, it's hard to have a bowel movement routine. Also, I get tired a little faster. Adjusting to the "situation" took a little while. For some time I was a little upset that my body didn't feel like mine. I suppose it's normal, but adjusting.. it wasn't easy.

Apart from that, though, my first trimester was quite easy. No queasiness.. no throwing up.. No obvious morning sickness, which I am very grateful of.
I wasn't craving for anything weird, but I was quite picky with food. Mostly because most things tasted really salty somehow. And funnily things tasted just as salty to Monkey as well!

I'll talk about my second prenatal check-up in Part 3.


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